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Thank you for considering booking a TSP show for your event. This page has been put together to give you all the information you need and to answer most of the questions you may have before making your decision. This may be your first event and you are not sure about the best way to run it. It may not be your first, but you are wondering how TSP will fit in with your requirements and the smooth running of things on the day. We hope the following will be helpful to you. We have based all the information given on our experience and our observation of what seems to be the common procedure where our show has been booked.

At The Shed Productions (TSP) we aim, as far as possible, to accommodate the people who have booked us, and the people who have paid to see our acts,  without compromising our work ethics and our standards of presentation, and we are always very respectful of the venues' code of practice. 

Who books TSP?  

  • Village Halls
  • Church Halls
  • Schools
  • Theatres
  • Private Function Organisers
  • Corporate Function Organisers
  • Universities
  • Festivals

For which events would you book TSP? 

  • Fund raising
  • Celebration
  • Anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Grand Opening
  • Inauguration
  • Business Event
  • Local Theatre Show

Why TSP?
We are an independent artists promotion group. This means that you deal directly with the people you want to book. This saves you the hassle and the cost of looking for artists through an agency, negotiating fees and often not being offered the flexibility and understanding of people’s need  that most events require.

We offer you 3 acts for the price of 1. Quality, variety, originality. Our artists are respected performers who have played up and down the country at various events and festivals with equal success. Now they’ve joined forces to offer you a unique presentation, top musicianship beautiful vocals, and great humour, a package that will guarantee the success of your event. 

We are always available to discuss your requirements and answer your questions, either on the telephone or by email. Once you have decided to book TSP, we will be happy to arrange a meeting with you and finalise any details or answer any queries you may still have.

TSP have their own PA equipment and qualified sound engineer. You do not have to worry in providing or setting up any equipment. Think of the hassle and the money you’re saving!

How does it work?

Booking a TSP show is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3; pick Your venue, pick Your date, pick Your audience.

One Fee - Three Acts - No hidden extras!

Once you have booked TSP, we will agree a mutually convenient date and time to visit the venue and get an idea of the best set-up to suit both parties. This will be a good time for you to tell us how you plan the event to unfold.

Village/Church Halls/Schools – Fund Raising Events:

From our experience and observations, a fund raising event would unfold as follows:  

Ideally, TSP arrives at the venue 1h30 prior to doors opening to public, in order to set up the equipment and do the sound check safely, and without disturbance to people when they come in through the doors. Packing the equipment away at the end of the show only takes ˝ hour.  

If for example the show is booked to start at 8pm. 

 Act 1 will take the stage at 8pm until 8.50pm. During the 10 minute break, TSP sets up the artist change-over, while the event organisers can sell their raffle tickets or make any announcements they need to make.

Act 2 will take the stage at 9pm until 9.50pm – Another 10 minute break allows artist change-over and raffle to be drawn, more announcements etc.

Act 3 will take the stage at10pm until 10.50pm. At this point, Act 1 and 2 rejoin Act 3 on stage for last song and thank- yous. TSP show ends at 11pm.

Those times are just guidelines. With the best will in the world, things rarely go as smoothly as clockwork and whilst we can be as tight and exact as described above, we can also be flexible to suit your needs.  

Private and corporate events. 

We understand that for practical reasons, it is not always possible to visit the venue prior to the event. However, TSP will still need to arrive roughly 1h30 prior to doors opening to public/guests in order to set up and do the sound check within our safety regulations.  

The show will unfolds in its usual 3 parts format with short intervals between acts. 

What are TSP requirements at the venue? 

  • 1-2 power points on stage or at performing area if there is no stage at the venue
  • 1-2 power points at mixing desk station/table
  • Table and chairs for 6 persons situated on the side and towards the back of the room - this table will also serve as mixing desk point and will need to be reasonably near the power points required


It is your responsibility to sell the tickets for your event. However we will provide you with some posters and brochures as promotional aids and we will promote your event at our other concerts and sell tickets to our artists’ fan base.


Cancellation by the venue

When you book a TSP presentation, you will be sent a booking confirmation showing all the terms you have agreed with us at the time of the booking. Should you need to postpone the show for unforeseen reasons we will be happy to reschedule at no cost to you. Should you want to cancel, you can do that at no cost up to four weeks before the date of the show. Please, bear in mind that a booking cancelled at short notice is a lost opportunity for our artists to work elsewhere. Therefore should you want to cancel less than four weeks before the show, we would have to charge you a cancellation fee of up to 25% of the booking fee.

Cancellation by TSP

In the unlikely event that, for unforeseen reasons, one of our acts should be unable to perform in the show:

You will be advised as soon as possible and with your agreement, we will invite a guest artist of equal standard to fill in for the absent one.

If a replacement act cannot be found, the two remaining artists will fill the evening with their own performances but you will only be charged two third of the booking fee.


Payment can be made prior or at the end of the show, in cash or by cheque by prior agreement.

Other payment method, such as BAC, or bank transfer to be agreed at the time of booking.

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Contact us:

Tony Barrett: 07926 554172

Jocelyne Thompson: 07979 627259

Chuck Micallef: 07751 791 724