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Walsall born Nick Thompson has been in the music industry since the age of 18, when he became founder member and bass guitarist for the renowned folk/rock group ‘Zeth’. Nick left the group and the touring lifestyle to raise his family. During that time, he started playing around with keyboards and computers, composing midi music and in 1998 was voted 67th best midi composer by XG Central out of 2.5 millions entries worldwide and his site Nick’ s XG Files boasted over 2 millions hits in 2 years.


However Nick’s great love for acoustic music was to bring him back to doing live performances, and to acoustic recording. Now, he is putting to your service his 30 years of experience in the industry. If you want the best quality of sound and a professional finished product, then The Shed Recording is the service for you. Many professional artists are using his services and trust his expertise, time and time again.

Nick's reputation as a sound engineer has earned him the respect and trust of many performers for whom he has mixed on stage, from open mics to gigs and festivals, and
the Lichfield Art fest. Nick is becoming a regular feature of the sound set-up and the artists can relax in knowing that they can trust him to give them the best sound possible,
even sometimes in difficult circumstances.

Your CD is your passport to posterity. Once it is produced, it is too late for regrets or alterations. Get it right first time. Whether you are a professional performer recording your album, or want to have a demo CD for marketing purposes, or just want to record for your own pleasure, contact Nick at The Shed Recording. Get a CD you will be proud of.

Nick at his Yamaha mixing desk



Nick's wife, Joy Thompson deals with the administrative side of things. She will organise your booking sessions, and offer you The Shed Complimentary Lunch included in our full day sessions.

Joy also represents "The Shed Art", designing and producing your customized design and artwork for your CD.

Whether you are a seasoned artist, an amateur, or a complete beginner, at The Shed, you will be equally be made to feel special and comfortable. We endeavour to make your recording session and everything around it a pleasant and memorable experience. Judging by the wonderful feedback we've received in our guest book, we're not doing too bad. Everybody who's come to record at The Shed has come back for more. We aim to keep it that way. We keep our prices very accessible so that anyone can afford to enjoy their day at The Shed and leave proudly their CD in their hand.

Listening back and discussing the mix...

Duo recording in track-a-time layers


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